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A Message from The Pulmonary Paper:

The Pulmonary Paper was founded and first published by Celeste Belyea in 1988 – before the Internet and portable oxygen concentrators were available – as a means to connect, educate and support people who were dealing with chronic respiratory problems. Celeste has degrees in Nursing, Respiratory Therapy and is a Certified Asthma Educator. When so many oxygen users complained they could no longer travel, the Sea Puffers were born to eliminate the fear and anxiety of what could happen along the way.

The Pulmonary Paper has reached and helped many people with pulmonary conditions, their family and friends, caregivers, pulmonary rehabilitation centers, Better Breather Support groups, physicians and medical professionals.

Main Clinic Supply has been a sponsor for the past 7 years of the Pulmonary Paper.  Francis Fox, the president of Main Clinic Supply was so impressed with Celeste’s passion for helping those with respiratory difficulties that he expanded his sponsorship by donating POCs so the Sea Puffers could learn of equipment options available to them. This relationship continues today and will continue into the future.

Celeste and Fran saw an opportunity to join forces to help even more people! Fran and Main Clinic Supply will now publish the paper online and will make it available to everyone (patients and caregivers) with no membership cost. Celeste will continue as Managing Editor.

Fran and Celeste are committed to continuing to educate and support people so they will be able to be involved in making informed decisions in their care.


Managing Editor of the Pulmonary Paper

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