oxygenIf you have a lung condition and require oxygen planning for a trip can be very overwhelming. Most people on oxygen believe they can’t travel but that’s not true. However, it does take a little extra planning.

Before you travel be sure to talk to your doctor and find out if you are healthy enough to travel. Your doctor knows the specifics of you condition and needs and he will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Aircraft in airport

After visiting your doctor you will need to decide what form of transportation you will be using. You can take your portable oxygen if you are traveling by car, bus, train, or ship. You will need to let the bus, train, or cruise company know you will be taking oxygen on board and they will give your specific instructions. If you will be taking long car, bus, or tain trips be sure there are stops in cities where you can get your portable tank refilled. When traveling by ship make plans to have enough oxygen delivered to the ship before you depart. Certain oxygen concentrators are now allowed aboard airplanes so be sure to check the airlines latest information about traveling with oxygen. A list of approved devices can be found on the AARC’s patient education website.

Here are some helpful hints from the American Association for Respiratory Care on taking oxygen on the road:

  1. Call your oxygen supplier and let them know when, where, and how you plan to travel so they can arrange to meet you at the airport, hotel, or other locations along the way to deliver you the oxygen you’ll need while you’re away.
  2. Call the hotels you’ll be staying at and let them know you’ll be using oxygen in your room.
  3. Notify your doctor about your travel plans. You’ll need a special prescription for oxygen used while on the airplane.

With proper planning travel with lung disease is possible.