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Some Airlines Not Helpful to Oxygen Users

Jeri Mondloch of Minnesota is a frequent traveler de- spite being on oxygen. She has tried every form of oxy- gen known to man and flown on many, many airlines. Despite her small stature, she has scrapped with airline attendants, pilots and representatives about her portable oxygen concentrator and has always won. (She uses the Eclipse with continuous flow so she may use it with her CPAP equipment at night.)

Jeri wants to warn her fellow oxygen users that Delta Airlines is not making it easy for them. She found if you want to use one of the approved POCs, you have to fill out a physician’s statement, which includes general in- formation completed by the passenger and a section com- pleted by the physician. It is then faxed to Pittsburgh Med- ical Center (a minimum 48 hours prior to departure.) Jeri says, “You pay $25 to have the above forms reviewed and then will be notified if you can fly or not! You do not get the $25 back if they flunk you! What will they think of next to make it even more difficult for oxygen pas- sengers!” Tom from California called to report Alaska Airlines has begun to charge $50 for POC screening!

If you would like to find out what airlines will allow you to fly with your POC, check with the manufactur- ers’ web site or call the company. Be sure to know the air- line’s specific regulations – we recommend printing them out and having them with you, along with your oxy- gen prescription, when you board.

LifeStyle and FreeStyle POCs from AirSep Corporation 1-800- 638-2041

Eclipse from Sequal Corporation 1-(800) 826-4610

Inogen One from Inogen 1-877-446-6436

EverGo from Respironics 1-800-345-6443

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