Traveling Tales

image045-4SeaPuffers pose in front of the Summer Palace of Peter the Great

It is the season of the POCs – Portable Oxygen Concentrators. The airlines continue to support the use of AirSep’s Lifestyle and Freestyle, Inogen One, Sequal’s Eclipse and Respironics’ Evergo POCs. United Airlines remain the main domestic airline who will not allow POC use onboard. We spoke to a representative who told us the same thing they have for the past three years, “We are waiting approval.”

Bob Kern of Warrenton, VA wrote to say he had no trouble with airport security when flying to Moscow and Tel Aviv with a POC. Thirty Sea Puffers traveled across the pond to London and boarded a cruise ship that took them to exciting cities in Scandinavia. Tour buses met us as we docked for our own personalized tours of Coophegan, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo,Tallim and St Petersburg.

We got to stand in front of a Leonardo daVinci painting and in the dining room of Peter the Great. We took our shoes off to stand in the Baltic Sea and stood in the rooms where the Nobel Prizes are awarded. There was someting different about this trip  nearly everyone was using a POC. Beep, Beep .. whose alarming? Someone’s battery is running low, can I borrow one of yours?

There was also time to share tips. We heard if you are having problems with Sequal batteries running out of life quickly, run the battery all the way down before charging back up again. Jack Walden was given a mask instead of a cannula when he boarded the plane. He had them cut the mask and attached a spare cannula he had brought along. Marshall Lacoff suggested having your doctor specifically request a nasal cannula in the oxygen prescription. Ed Reardon had just had his home painted and recommended using Sherwin Williams “green” line of odorless paint.

Come to LasVegas September 30 through October 4! Pam has arranged a non smoking suite-hotel. There will be a dinner cruise on Lake Mead and a tour of the Grand Canyon. Speakers scheduled include Mark Mangus and John Goodman speaking on TransTracheal Oxygen. Call Pam at 1-877-473-2726 to sign up for sightseeing and the support of old and new friends!