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Helpful Travel Tips for This Holiday Season!

When traveling by air, rather than dragging your luggage to the airport and paying for checking the bags, why not consider shipping the bags ahead? It will cost about the same but it will save you energy and time at the airport. If the suitcase weighs more than 50 pounds, it will probably cost less to ship than the airlines charge for overweight bags. When taking a cruise, ask if a luggage service is offered. Some cruise lines will take your luggage from your stateroom door the night before you leave the ship, right to the airport and you won’t have to worry about claiming it at the port.

At the airport, “Swallow Your Pride and Take the Ride!” Wheelchair assistance will get you to the front of the security lines and allow you to board the plane first– then you have extra time to get settled.

If traveling with oxygen, make sure you know all the airline rules and regulations and travel with your laminated oxygen prescription and an extension plug to share outlets. Newer planes are offering outlets in coach that you will be able to plug into, although the current might not be sufficient to power a portable oxygen concentrator. It is usually easier for you to sit in an aisle seat.

Take all your medication and maybe a lightweight change of clothes in your carry-on luggage–just in case your suitcases don’t arrive with you!

The SeaPuffers go casual for cocktail hour!

Sea Puffers group with robes onMove Aside, Margaret’s Coming Through!Margaret in Switzerland

I recently spent two weeks in Switzerland and despite having emphysema, I went hang gliding (strapped to an instructor), ice skating and rode in a luge. I will not allow COPD to slow me down!

Margaret Eaton, Palm Coast, FL