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Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) Recall

Greg from Sequal Technologies tells us the company sent out a “Medical Device Correction” letter to dealers who had sold certain Eclipse One portable oxygen concentrators. A connection between the battery and internal circuit board could possibly cause the unit to alarm and shut down. To find out if your POC is involved, call the company with the serial number of your Eclipse One at 1-800-826-4610 and press ‘5’ for Technical Support. If you need the correction, your shipping will be paid for both ways and a loaner may be available. The dealer you purchased the unit from will be able to give you a return authorization number. Sequal Technologies is now offering the Eclipse 3 with upgraded features. Ask your dealer for any incentives they may be offering to trade in your original Eclipse One for the newer model.

Suzie Bulwan, right, with daughter Dana, take at least one trip a year together! You never

know where they will end up!

Amtrak Travelsimage106-2

Chris and Gwen Wigley will report in our next issue about a train trip they are taking from Florida to British Columbia, Canada. Chris uses oxygen and we are anxiously awaiting his report! They are in charge of the support group.

Call Ahead!

I have been frustrated by not being able to reserve a portable oxygen concentrator from my home care company because I call too late! Next time, the minute I even think about going out of town, I will stake my claim to one!                                                          Marly Booth, Tennessee

Thumbs Down to Ryanair

A European low-cost airline will begin offering its own brand of “smokeless” $9-a-pack cigarettes to passengers during flight.