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In the January-February 2010 Pulmonary Paper, you advised getting a seat with an electric plug-in outlet on an aircraft so we could use/charge our POCs. The websites you mentioned were very helpful in other ways. It has come to my attention that those outlets are generally only available in First Class or Business Class and are very low wattage – for use with laptop computers. They are such a low wattage that some laptops will not find them adequate, which would mean that a POC could not possibly function or recharge plugged into those.

Lorraine Oleaga, Boise, ID

Holly Marocchi RRT of Get Up and Go2 suggests shipping your luggage to your destination rather than taking the bags to the airport. The fee you will pay is sometimes less than the checked bag fee the airlines will charge you and you won’t have to worry about carrying them. Some of the cruise lines are now offering a service where they will take your luggage from the stateroom, to the airport and even check them in for you.

Don’t assume! I want to warn everyone to make sure to follow every rule of the airline when you will be using a portable oxygen concentrator! My friend lent me her POC to use on a short trip and I brought it to the ticket count- er at the local airport to make sure it was one of their approved models. The Representative checked and assured me it was okay. When I went to board the plane, they would not let me on, saying I did not give them 48 hours notice. I assumed when I checked with the airline, they would note that I would be bringing the unit on!

Mary V, Florida

husband and wife on cruiseElizabeth Paul recommends Passport Visa Express for those traveling overseas needing a Visa. Passport Visa Express claims to be able to get a passport returned in 24 hours. “They were fast, efficient and half the cost of other agents I reviewed when trying to get a Visa. They allow you to pick how much you want to pay to get your passport returned to you. I selected USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, sent in the return envelope already addressed and with postage and saved a substantial amount over a regular FedEx delivery.” For information, you may visit their web site, or call 1-888-596-6028.


Larry power naps during a meeting!

Above, Larry power naps during a meeting! And guess who got engaged in Alaska?


Henry holding a crab

Henry crabs on the Deadliest Catch tour!


Jeff, far left, Dolores and Matt compare numbers at dinner

Jeff, far left, Dolores and Matt compare numbers at dinner.