Travel Tips

Holly Marocchi RRT has logged thousands of miles escorting respiratory people on cruises and trips. She has compiled this list of travel tips to help your vacations be a little more stress free.

Just in case, bring a filled prescription of antibiotics and or prednisone in case you begin to feel any unwantedsymptoms. It will save time and money.

Even though you are away from home, you can always call your own physician to get their advice.

Bring a first aid kit with help for problems that may often affect you – as antacids for an upset stomach or bandaids for skin tears. image046-3Oxygen supplies are very hard to find in a foreign country. If you have allergies, bring your rescue medications. Many caregivers call themselves a “pack mule!”

Have your medication list, brief medical history, including blood type and allergy information, stored with your passport.

Carry Purell or disinfectant cloths with you.