Stress Reduction for All Seasons

Everyone has stress in their lives but there are ways you can lessen its effects. Visit to find tips to learn how to de-stress.

image115-2Simply Worry Less

Often we find ourselves worrying about things we have no control over or fretting about the things that could go wrong. Try to look at things more positively; think about all the things that could go right. Do things that take your mind off worry- ing about a situation, even if it’s just for a short while. Your body will thank you for the distraction.

Know Your Limits

There is no point in stressing out about things you can’t actually do or find incred- ibly difficult to do. Focus on the things that you can do and do well. Be proud of your accomplishments and equally, pat yourself on the back for trying things even if you don’t achieve what you set out to do.

Forgive Yourself

We all have things we’ve done in the past that we regret but  cannot  change or undo. However, they’ve passed and worrying about them in the future is not helpful for anyone. Forgive yourself and move forward.

It’s OK to Say No

Family and true friends will accept that you feel too ill or tired to do something, and they won’t mind if you back out of a planned event or get-together. If you don’t feel up to something, it’s OK to say no, don’t allow yourself to be pressured or burdened by others.

Exercise Your Body

Daily exercise is great for the body but it’s also good for the soul. Nothing de-stresses better than the rush of endor- phins released by movement. Choose a workout that you enjoy and that is within your physical limits. Setting small goals will help you gradually strengthen your body and give you a sense of accomplishment when you achieve them.

Exercise Your Mind

Often we stress more when we have nothing else to focus on. A new hobby can give you a new focus and act as a great distraction. It’s a great way to unwind and spend some quality time doing something you enjoy.

Lean on those around you, and offer mul- tiple ways they can help, even if it is just listening.

Allow yourself to process all the emotions and be gentle with yourself.

Have a back-up list of things that make you happy.

Keep a journal of your thoughts.