Spread the Word about Augmentation Therapy for Alpha-1!

Alpha-1 is the genetic form of emphysema caused by a lack of a protein in the blood. Even though augmentation (or re- Alphaplacement) therapy has been available for 25 years, a small fraction of those with Alpha-1 emphyse- ma receive the therapy. It involves regular infusions of the Alpha-1 antitrypsin protein.

A recent study in Lancet by researchers from Toronto Western Hospital documented the effectiveness of augmentation therapy in reducing lung damage and slowing the progression of the disease.

There are three FDA-approved products for augmentation therapy currently available in the U.S.: Prolastin-C® from Talecris Bio- therapeutics, Aralast™ from Baxter Health- care, and Zemaira® from CSL Behring. CSL Behring has also been granted marketing authorization in all European Union member states for Respreeza® to treat patients with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.