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To better manage my cannula, tubing and Oxy- View glasses, I mounted a tie rack on my bedroom wall. It works great!

Joe Donathan Centennial, COpower-point

Jean Rommes of Iowa wants you to know the COPD Foundation  has  made the power point presentations and audio recordings of the sessions presented at COPD8 available at this site: www. This is a tremendous source of information about COPD and a chance to hear some of renown pulmonologists, scientists, researchers and clinicians in the world.

copdThe COPD Foundation encourages you to get your COPD Advocacy Driver’s License! They need advocates to help Congress pass legislation that helps raise awareness, improve diagnosis, and fund COPD research.

Watch the advocacy training video and take the five- question quiz to receive your Advocacy Drivers License and become a certified COPD Advocate. Go to www. and get started!

Bev F. of Florida was told by her physician to use her oxygen at 2 LPM and “she should be okay.” By checking her saturation with her oximeter, she found that during exercise and certain activities she needs more and when she is sitting she can get by with less. Bev encourages everyone to review the booklet, The Clinical Use of Pulse Oximetry ( documents/7969-000_Oximetry_Pocket_Guide.pdf) to understand how an oximeter works.

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Pacific Gas and Electric, an electric utility company based in San Francisco, CA, has a program where residential Francisycustomers can qualify for their lowest price of electricity. To qualify for Medical Baseline, a California-licensed physician must certify that a full-time resident in your home has a qualifying medical condition. If you are serviced by this company, call the Customer Service Center at 1-800- 743-5000. If not, call your local electric company and see if they have a similar program!

To keep your home oxygen concentrator running efficiently, clean the filters on a weekly basis. Wash them with mild liquid dish detergent. After rinsing thoroughly, dry the filter and inspect for defects, replace filter if damage is found.

Oxygen for your Pet

Used by firefighters and first responder personnel for emergency rescues, you can purchase an oxygen system, O2 Fur Life, for yourFurlife  pet  for approximately $96 from I have one just in case for my dogs and my peace of mind.

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals makes an affordable moisturizer in a gel or spray form for dry noses related to CPAP or oxygen use called NasoGel. I found it at my local drug store but you can also order it online at                                                            Donna B., NY