Sharing the Health

I use an LED­type night light that I plug it into an electrical strip and put under my bed. It puts out a soft light on the floor all around the bed so I can see where I am stepping and find my slippers during the night. It goes off in the daytime. I have found this makes me feel more steady and secure!

Alice Russo, Exeter, NH

image112Shirley Ernst of Wisconsin has problems with dry mouth from her Spiriva and other respiratory medications and recommends Biotene mouth spray and moisturizer. Find it at your local drug stores. She also uses Ayr saline nasal gel for an irritated nose!

A newsletter from Milner­Fenwick, Inc., a health edu­ cation company, suggests that you and your caregiver should see yourselves as partners in coping with the changes your chronic lung condition has brought to your lives. They suggest each partner should be encouraged to speak up and listen with respect, while being positive and non­judgmental. Both you and the person closest to you should share control in the decision making. Try not to tell each other what to do but set goals and formulate your action plan together. Be sure to acknowledge each other’s feelings. Though this all might be easier said than done, a mutually respectful relationship with open, two­ way communication will be the result!

image113-1Ross and Alicia Newton from Las Vegas deal with COPD together!

Electronic Cigarette Dangers

Emergency Responders were called to an Indiana home fire caused by the apparent explosion of an elec­ tronic cigarette. Reportedly, the electronic cigarette was plugged into an electrical outlet that was plugged into a USB port. The explosion­propelled battery hit the curtains causing them to catch fire. Last year a Florida man suffered serious injury when an electronic cigarette exploded in his mouth. Currently, there are no federal, and few state, regulations overseeing electronic cigarette use.

image115-1Nephron Pharmaceuticals initiated a voluntary recall is a precautionary measure. The affected product is identified as Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solu­ tion, 0.083%, in the 25­count packaging configuration (NDC# 0487­9501­25) and lots A3A33A, A3A33B, A3A34A,   A3A35A,   A3A36A,   A3A37A,  A3A38A,Nephron Pharmaceuticals initiated av oluntary recall of ten lots of Albuterol sulfate Inhalation Solution due to results from an internal monitoring process. The A3A40A, A3A41A, and A3A42A. Consumers are asked to discontinue use and dispose of any product they may have that is included in this recall.

image117Reza Oliver from Tampa, FL, would like to recommend a free online 14­week program from National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCPAD) for those who have limited mobility and chronic lung disease. Their goal is to help you stay active and make healthy nutrition choices. It may help those in winter climates who are unable to get outside and exercise or get to a pulmonary rehabilitation pro­ gram. The program is found at