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The Working Family Caregiver book coverThe relationship between you and your caregiver can be frustrating for both parties. A common complaint is how to stop getting smothered by well meaning helpers. Many   people   are  lucky  enough  to  have  relatives t are caregivers. If they are cur- ntly employed, balancing all parts their lives can be difficult. A new book, The Working Family Caregiver: Tips for Balancing Career and Caregiving, can be downloaded and printed at  Author   Denise   M. he founder of, who advises “Remember the  three  ‘Be’s’  of  Caregiving:  Be Prepared, Be Honest, Be Well.”

Adventures of an Oxy-Phile2Last issue we told you about being able to download Dr Petty’s book, Adventures of an Oxy-Phile2. It is now available from the American Association of Respiratory Care as an audio book at

Breathing for Life: Our StoriesBreathing for Life: Our Stories contains personal accounts of strife, determination, faith, and accomplishment from people who have lived with lung disease. You may rder a copy from for $12.99 (receive an ebook for $2.99) or call 1-888- 519-5121 and ask for Book Sales.

Joan Diederich of Luxemburg, WI, likes to use a tote bag to carry her oxygen and purse in – no one notices her oxygen and she thinks it is kind of cute! Nancy Pearsall, from Breathwarmers ( bag that says "Keep Calm and Carry On"is busy supplying her masks for the cold weather we are in for! Visit the website or call 1-810-653-8006 for more information. Nancy was recently sitting in church with her E cylinder of oxygen when she heard a little boy behind her say “Wow! That lady has her own  fire extinguisher!” A second little one asked if she had her vacuum cleaner with her. They were satisfied when Nancy explained it was helping her breathe.

BreathwarmersNadine Schultz  of North Tonawanda, NY, wants to recommend NeilMed’s NasaMist All-in-One spray that eases the irritation she feels from her nasal cannula. It has three different tips too: N-acetyl Cysteineone for simple moisture, a larger tip for deeper relief and a large volume rinse tip to perform a sinus rinse. The  company  also  makes  an ear wax removal kit that she has used with great results!

Nick Jones cautions other TransTracheal oxygen users about using N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC), (such as Mucinex), an amino acid which is helpful to many to raise secretions. Expert John Goodman advices, “NAC will, by enzymatic action, cause a breakdown of the polyurethane material used in the manufacture of the catheter. I know of at least two patients whose catheters did get ‘gummy’, so no NAC for TTO patients please.”