Sharing the Health!

I like to work in my flower garden but am always getting scrapes and bruises from the branches and thorns on the roses. If you go online to and do a search for “arm protectors for thin skin” you will find arm sleeve guards that will prevent the scratches, tearing and bruises we have become used to. I ordered a few different brands and like them all!

Evie P., Maryland

I enjoy visiting and reading how others cope with the disease. A post by Michelle Vincent talked about how she had revelations about herself after living with COPD. She says I possess an inner strength greater than I imagined. + Positivity is pow- erful and I am more positive than I thought. + I enjoy the small things in the world and in life. + Slowing down is okay. Really. + Kindness matters. + Humor is important and I have more wit than I knew. I totally agree!

Sharon  P., Florida