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Get friendly with your oxygen! A lady from EFFORTS reports her husband has named his “Jose” (hose-ay). They like to try and find the humor in moments if they can – it helps! He has two 25-foot lengths of tubing with a connector between them that rotates as he moves about. It really lessens the tangling.

A Recipe for Joy

Put a smile on your face.

A pedometer on your waist.

Take a walk in

the mall

And stand tai chi tall!


Try a senior citizens’ center for discussion groups.

Chair yoga to Zumba classes Few fogies around!

A college, university or other institute nearby? Check it out!

Try a new fruit or veggie recipe lately? Volunteer this year!

Judy Denkel, lucky to live in Reno, NV


Sharon Miles of Loma Linda points out that the word ‘Impossible’ becomes ‘I’m Possible’ with a little rework!


My oxygen supplier no longer carries these EZ-wrap ear protectors for me and I relied on them to prevent sore ears. (They slip over the cannula tubing that goes around my ears.) I found them online at from a company that sells 50 pairs for $50, that includes shipping. Maybe you can find friends in your pulmonary rehab or Better Breather support group to go in on them with you!EZ-Wrap ear protectorsinhalerClean Smart sanitizer spray

Christie B., Colorado


The Proair (Al­ buterol) inhaler has a propellant that may cause the inhaler to become plugged up if not properly  cleaned. Visit and click on ProAir HFA Videos to learn proper clean- ing techniques.

I clean my cannulas with hand sanitizer. There is a new brand, Clean Smart, that does not contain alcohol.

I hate the marks that the cannula leaves on my cheeks. Before bed, I move the sides up level with my eyes. The marks are barely visible when I wake up. Hope these tips help my fellow oxygen users!

Chris Gilfillan, Bloomington, MN


I think you will enjoy this! When I went to church yesterday, a new priest was standing at the door to introduce himself and as he approached me, he was really laughing. He said, “When I saw you coming from the parking lot, I saw you pulling this and all I could think was why is this woman bringing her vacuum cleaner to church? Now I realize it is just your oxygen!”

So people who think the public is staring at them because they wear oxygen may have to clear up the confusion!

I know he will always remember me, so there is a plus!

Jeri M. Minnesota


Russell from New Jersey loves his Vest® Airway Clearance System! He has had COPD for over ten years and was always battling congestion, mucus and respiratory infections that kept him on a lot of antibiotics and steroids and also in and out of the hospital.

Since he has been using the Vest, his life has improved tenfold! He is doing things that he hasn’t done in years and is now able to clear his secretions without medication.

For more information, visit the website,


Ladies with emphysema often have an increased chest diameter from hyper-expanded lungs. This can make wearing a bra very uncomfortable! Elaine from Canada found extender hooks that can be purchased in the notions department of fabric stores. Some women have told us they buy bras in a bigger size than normal. A camisole may be your answer or if you need more support, a sports bra may give you the support but be flexible at the same time.

The Genie bra, available online at, has been used by many ladies with COPD. We have heard from some that have deducted the purchase cost of having to buy specials undergarments on their tax return along with medical and therapy costs!


I was annoyed with the “little black bags” that I was given to carry my oxygen canisters, so I started making my own in colorful, sometimes seasonal fabrics. I don’t have a pattern, I just measure the tanks. The bags are very sturdy be- cause I use webbing for the handle and it goes around the entire bag. They have interfacing/interlining in between the outer layer and the lining and a pocket outside to carry the tank key. I have dressy ones and ones made from old jeans. They can be made large enough to carry your wallet, Kleenex, emergency inhaler or whatever you want. It only takes a quarter yard of fabric and 1-1/2 yards of webbing (or you can cut up a garment you no longer want). Appliqués can be ironed on or but- tons added. If you don’t sew, get with someone who does and ask them to help you.

Hope Lee, Clinton, MD

A respiratory therapist gave me
advice that made my morning routine much easier. When I take a shower, it is okay to use my oxygen – I just throw the tubing over the shower rod to keep it out of the way. She also told me to turn down the heat. I had always liked taking hot showers,woman vacuumingadjustable bra strap

Vest® Airway Clearance System

along with leaving the bathroom door open, but taking a cooler shower makes me less short of breath! Vicky M., Ormond Beach, FL

Rose Sladek who has been on oxygen therapy for two years writes us with this tip. Every once in a while, she would get water coming through the cannula and dripping out her nose – very unpleasant! She talked to her supplier and he gave her a water trap that worked great. It fits between the tubing and the end of her cannula so the excess water drips into the trap.

She empties and washes it as needed. It works in Florida where she spends the winter and in northern Ohio where she spends the summer.

Hope it helps others!

Beverly Campbell of Dillsboro, IN, agrees! Being forced to change from her liquid oxygen to a home fill concentrator was very difficult. She found a problem with water in her tubing, even when using the water trap her supplier provided her. If she disconnects the tubing and connects it to her nebulizer for a few minutes, it quickly blows the water out!


water trapshower head

Carmen Parent from Bangor, Maine was annoyed with her cannula always getting in her way. They now get along much better since she slips it over her head and lets it hang down her back while still resting on her ears. Carmen also uses a small clothes pin to attach it to her shirt!