Sharing the Health!

Singing 4 Breathing is a choir originally set up by occupational therapy students for people diagnosed with COPD in Welling- borough in the United Kingdom. What began as a short six-week project has turned into a successful group who sing at different venues in their area. You can see how beautiful they sound and the fun they have in their videos on Visit their Facebook page at www.facebook. copdsingersimage113-4

Another portable oxygen concentrator called the Mobi is about to enter the mar- ket. The manufacturer is ResMed, known for its sleep apnea equipment. They pur- chased the Activox 4L in 2016 and the Mobi is thought to be an upgrade to this POC. Stay tuned for updates!

Temple University in Philadelphia had the busiest lung transplant program in the United States in 2017 with 131 lung transplants, up from 101 in 2016. Of those transplants, 54 percent were 65 years old or older compared to the national average of 33 percent. For information visit https:// and click on Patient Care and Centers & Programs or call 1-800-836-7536.

Could someone please make oxygen tub- ing that will blend in more and certainly not in green? If we had cannulas that were made of various skin colors, they wouldn’t stick out so much! My supplier finally gave me ones that were at least clear. My granddaughter used her paints to mix up a flesh color and painted one of my cannulas; I didn’t want to risk breathing in any paint flakes but really like the idea!

J.M., Minnesota

Therapist Dr. Ed says at the age of 76, he has recovered many times: asthma (age 7), alco- holism (age 40), obesity (age 45), smoking (age 60), broken back (age 63), cancer (age 65), broken knee (age 70), and now COPD.

His web site offers a workbook to help you work through your feelings about having lung disease. We thank him for sharing his experience with us!

Now that spring is coming, I enjoy going to the park and blowing bubbles! Purse your lips and slowly blow bubbles for the pure enjoyment of it and you just might put a smile on someone’s face besides your own!

Bev  R., Maryland