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Rada Maples of Springfield, MO, wants to remind our members that have problems with dry mouth to be sure and try Biotene mouthwash. They also have toothpaste, mouth spray, liquid, gum and gel. It is amazing how much it helps! They have a web site,, for more information.

Gerry C. of Exeter, NH, says he was unable to attend a pulmonary rehabilitation program and wanted to exercise at home. He bought two programs on DVDs through Functional Fitness™ for COPD and Asthma and Gentle Fitness™.

“I enjoy them both and they have helped me stay limbered up! If you do not have the Internet, you can call 1-800-566-7780 to find out about Asthma and Gentle Fitness and 1-877-523-4848 to ask about Functional Fitness for COPD,” Gary says.

 The American College of Chest Physicians has over 20 educational guides on asthma, coughs, shortness of breath, lung transplantation and other subjects at www.chest See videos about COPD from at

I have lived with emphysema for 30 years and had Lung Volume Reduction Surgery in 1995 with great success. I have a waterproof electric razor. When I finish shaving, I rinse it with hot water. To dry it, I blow on it at least ten times. My doctor says it is a very good exercise and has helped me a lot!   

GaryCarol Britain, Shawnee, KS 

When you are doing stove-top cooking, be certain to make full use of your above-the-stove exhaust fan. Turn it on before you start to cook and if possible, open a window or even two. It should boost the power of   the fan.

Margaret Brown, Oroville, CA

I found tips on the Internet at about keeping weight on with COPD – I have a big problem with eating right! They suggested these tips:

  • Add healthy high fat foods to your meals like olive
  • Eat more eggs – they are easy to
  • Pick lean The fat in meat is more saturated and higher in cholesterol.
  • Eat more nuts – try peanut butter on your Nuts are also packed with antioxidants.
  • Treat yourself by eating dessert – like ice cream, pudding or custard – first!
  • Be careful adding dairy to your diet – this fat may clog your
  • Supplement your meal with a nutritional shake or

I also eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than three big ones. I do try and limit salty foods as I find it harder to breathe afterwards.

Donna Weston, Rochester, NY

Margaret Gregory tells us she soaks golden raisins in gin for two weeks or until the gin evaporates and then eats exactly nine per day to relieve pain from arthritis. People laugh but she swears it works! Some think it is the golden raisins themselves or the sulfur used in the raisins or maybe it’s the juniper berries in the gin.Sunmaid Raisin woman

Nikki C. from Massachusetts says drinking papaya juice helps her keep mucus thin. Papaya juice contains antioxidants that scavenge free radicals – waste products produced during the metabolism of food and in reaction to environmental toxins like tobacco smoke.

Rather than keep our medicines in the bathroom, I turned our hall closet into a medicine chest! My husband and I both get our medicines in three-month supplies.

We each have one shelf for our own prescriptions that are kept on trays and one shelf is for over-the-counter medication. This way the drugs are not exposed to temperature changes. Bandaids and first aid supplies  are also here. We fill our daily pill boxes from our supply and then keep them in easy reach.This has worked out great for us!

Alice Russo, Byron Center, MIThe Medicine CabinetLive Your Life with COPD book cover

Jane Martin is pleased to announce that Live Your Life with COPD has arrived! Learn to live with confidence and empowerment from the wisdom and experience of COPD survivor Jo-Von Tucker, combined with insight from Jane’s years of treating and teaching people with COPD. Each week in Live Your Life with COPD –52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope, you’ll discover something new: Information on breathing techniques, medications, exercise, oxygen, nutrition and more, as well as thoughtful perspectives, joyful inspiration and endless empowerment. Whether you were diagnosed ten years ago, or just yesterday, you can find your best life with COPD!

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