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image103-3To make my home oxygen concentrator less noticeable, I pur­ chased a free­standing three­panel fireplace screen. It has a three­ piece metal frame, screening on the panels for air flow and decorative metal vines and leaves on the screening. Small feet raise it enough for the hose to go underneath. I found it at a discount home goods store.       Martha Oliver, Louisville, KY

image105-3Did you know the official color of COPD is orange? The COPD Foundation is hosting the Go Orange photo contest and inviting you to submit photos of yourself wearing orange by August 30. Simply take a photo of yourself wearing anything orange and submit it online at this link www.copdfoundation. org/GoOrangePhotoSubmission.aspx – along with your permission to use the picture. It can be a photo of you doing any daily activity. After submitting your photo, it will be placed along with your name and caption on the Foundation’s Facebook page. The photo with the most likes on will receive the grand prize!

The COPD Foundation wants to showcase the dedicated COPD community by showing our solidarity in the color orange. There are 24+ million Americans living with COPD and half of them remain undiagnosed. The goal of the contest is to bring awareness to all 24+ million of them and you can help by participating!

image107-1The American Assoca tion for Respiratory Care’s popular guide o aerosol therapy has been revised and is available as a free download from the AARC for anyone interested in learning more about the devices and drugs used to who are noted aerosol delivery experts, preparedtreat lung disease. Several well­known respiratory therapists,

the guide to help patients understand the medications and delivery systems used in treating asthma, COPD and other lung ailments.

A Patient’s Guide to Aerosol Drug Delivery is available on the AARC’s website for consumers, www. is an independent health care organization that works with asthma, allergy and COPD-focused institutions to also provide education on inhalation therapy. Dr. Fiona Shetty, Program Director, tells us the website delivers interactive step-by-step audio-visual training on how to use inhaler devices.The resources are available in multiple languages and for different online devices, including smartphones and tablets. Visit

image111-1Darya from Massachusetts sent an article from Prevention magazine that recommends in the early stages of cold or flu to try this recipe from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Place a whole unpeeled grapefruit, sec­tioned into four pieces, in a pot and cover with water; heat to just under a boil. Stir and add a tablespoon of honey, and drink the whole mixture like tea. The simmering releases immune boosters from the grapefruit into the water – vitamin C and flavonoids hidden between the rind and the fruit.

Has your POC been on the road with you lately? When you clean up your concentrator, Caire® reminds us liquids should not be directly applied to the outside of any oxygen concentrator, particularly in the areas of the on/off switch, hour meter, and circuit breaker. Liquid that gets into an electrical component in any device may cause an electric short and safety hazard. Use a damp cloth instead!

image113-6Ride Along with Mark!

Oxygen user Mark Junge is attempting to ride his bicycle from Vancouver to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada – a distance of 500 miles. The 70­year­old from Cheyenne, Wyoming, wants to inspire other oxygen users and raise awareness of portable oxygen. You can check in on Mark to see where he is at