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I have a tip for senior women with COPD. When your waist is larger than normal (due to using your stomach muscles to ease your breathing), your average ladies slacks usually don’t feel comfortable resting on the waist. I buy Junior slack styles, which are intended to be worn where they fall – on the hips! It sure helped me conceal my tummy in comfort!

 Claire Fill, Albuquerque, NM

Marjorie Market of Mobile, AL has lived with COPD for quite a few years. She says a lesson was brought home to her recently: Do as your doctor says! I got careless with albuterol and paid the price!

My definition of COPD

C = Can  do

O = Objective

P = People

D = Don’t give up!

I remind myself of this every day. I am still the same person and do the same things, just at a slower pace. I never give up or say I can’t do it. With today’s medicine and equipment, we can survive! Learn what foods to eat and not to eat, stay active and take all your medicine. I know I am the one in control!

                                                                                                                                  Patricia Cook, Kalamazoo, MI

Bob from Ohio recently posted this hint on EFFORTS to help others breathe easier: The main purpose of cadence or rhythmic breathing is to make your breath- ing more controlled and efficient when exercising instead of just huffing and puffing. When walking, inhale to a count of two steps and exhale continuously for a count of three steps. You exhale slowly with your tongue at the top of you mouth. This resistance keeps the lungs expanded slightly so you can exhale more air. After mastering the 2/3 at a slow walk, then move on to 2/5 – inhale for two steps, exhale for five steps and then 2/7 – inhale for two steps, exhale for seven steps. This lets you alternate the foot you start the exhale on.

I was told once to breathe, imagining using a party favor that is curled up and when you blow through it, it straightens out, and then rolls back up when you stop. It helps you be more aware and control how you’re breathing, rather the just letting it happen.

                                                                                                                                        JS, Ithaca, NY

Lori Palermo of PA found this information she thought our members would enjoy while coping with colds and the flu. To mark the introduction of Vicks DayQuil Plus Vitamin C and NyQuil Plus Vitamin C, Vicks has teamed up with Marion Ross, “Mrs. C,” from the popular 70s sitcom, Happy Days, to create Chapters of Care, a compilation of tips from America’s favorite television moms on how they care for their loved ones during the cold and flu season. The booklet, which features tips from such well-known television moms as Florence Henderson, Shirley Jones and Meredith Baxter, can be downloaded for free at

 KW of Pennsylvania is teaching herself to play the harmonica using the book, Harmonica for Idiots. What surprises her is that after practicing for about 15 minutes, she coughs up lots of phlegm. She says the effort is worth it!

I was concerned about the cost difference when I had to switch from Albuterol CFC inhalers to HFA inhalers. There is help available through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. You may call them at 1-888- 477-2669 or their internet site is I also found out WalMart will sell an approved Ventolin (Albuterol) HFA inhaler with a dosing counter, made exclusively for Wal-Mart by ReliOn, starting at $9 apiece. It contains 60 inhalations, which is less than the 200 dose size currently on the market.

You could also watch a video about the inhaler transition at

Joe P, Ormond Beach, FL