Respiratory News

The Spanish pharmaceutical company, Almirall, is developing an inhaled dry powder medication for those with COPD they call aclidinium bromide. Brand names As an alternative to Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, several companies have been developing stents or valves that are placed in your airway during bronchoscopy to will  be  Eklira®/Bretaris. They claim the drug wil decrease the hyperinflated sections of your lung. provide faster, longer-lasting bronchodilation with fewer side effects and will be easy to use. Phase III clinical trials are now underway.

Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine have identified structural damage to the lungs caused by second hand smoke. Thanks to sophisticated radiology equipment, this is the first time the detrimen- tal effects of second hand smoke could be documented.

Many of you now use Foradil® (formoterol fumarate), a dry powdered inhaler from Schering Corporation. The same drug is now available from Dey Pharmaceuticals as a solution to be used in a nebulizer. The company calls this new form of the drug, Perforomist™. Formoterol is a long-acting bronchodilator, taken twice daily, for those with emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Emphyasys Medical manufactures a one-way endobronchial valve. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found the valve gave those with emphysema significantly improved measures of lung function who then reported a better quality of life.

Broncus Technologies, Inc. found a significant reduction in the amount of air trapped in the lungs of people who had their ExhaleRStent placed. During the minimally invasive procedure, new openings are created in the airway wall, connecting the damaged lung tissue to the natural airway. These pathways are supported and kept open by the stents. For information on participat- ing in their clinical trials, call 866-431-3273 or visit

Spiration, Inc is also recruiting people for their IBV Valve Trial. Visit or call 1-877- 547-8839 to see if you qualify to participate in the study.