Product Corner

New POC!

The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) selection will soon be increased to six. Invacare is introducing their XPO2 Portablehour battery Concentrator that weighs only six pounds. The unit is currently awaiting  FDA approval and will offer pulse-dose- only settings from 1 to 5. The XPO2 measures ten inches high and has a 2.5-hour battery life at a setting of 2. You may attach an extra battery to the unit to double the usage time for a total weight of 7.5 pounds. We do not have many specifics at this time but the company literature tells us it is clinically robust! Visit, search to Invacare Product Catalog  XPO2 Portable Concentrator.

New Cream Eases Dry Nose and Bleeding

RxStat pharmacists have developed a new cream to ease the dry nose and bleeding from using oxygen and CPAP nose pieces. The cream contains vasodilators to help reduce blood vessel size and bleeding.

A 1-ounce tube of cannula cream is $8.99 (includes all s/h costs). Call 1-888-648-7250. Discount pricing is available when ordering in quantity.

Get a Discount on the O2 Sidekick!oxyzen-prouduct

Cramer Decker Medical has designed a new, uniqueoxygen cylinder bag that begins as a roller bag but may convert to a backpack or to a shoulder bag. It can accommodate any size cylinder from an M2 to the large ME. You may read a full description of the five pound product at www.cramer product_id=124. It is made from washable, heavy-duty denier and has many compartments with an easy-to- open zipper.

Scott Decker is offering The Pulmonary Paper members a 25 percent discount on the O2 Sidekick until Christmas 2007, bringing the price down from $99.95 to $74.95. Now you know what to ask Santa for this year!scott-decer

The company is located in California. To order, phone 1-877-222-0200 and be sure to let the representative know you are a member of The Pulmonary Paper to receive the discount.