Product Corner

Gerry Chagnon, Director of Pulmonary, Vascular & Diagnostics at Orange Park Medical Center in Florida, recently told us of a new image513system his hospital is using to diagnose lung cancer as quickly as possible. The technology, called the inReach™ System, by super Dimension, provides navigation and guidance to distant regions of the lungs in a minimally-invasive manner, enabling physicians to locate, test and plan treatment for lung lesions and lymph nodes that are difficult to access with tradi- tional bronchoscopy.

Inspired Technologies’ Liquefier

image515We have been checking back with Inspired Technologies, Inc. about their Liquefier – a device used with a home concentrator which made its own liquid oxygen. You could then fill a portable unit. (You might remember it was featured on the cover of our newsletter at the begin- ning of the year.) The Liquefier was taken off the market for further development and as of yet, has not returned.

The company does offer new liquid portables with its Smart Dose Technology that will automatically increase or decrease the flow rate as your needs change, breath by breath. You will use the lowest flow option to meet your demands. The company also has devices that fit on your gas tanks which allow you to benefit from the Smart Dose system. For more information, visit www. or ask your oxygen supplier if the product is available in your area.