Product Corner

New Oxygen System Coming Soon

A new type of oxygen system will soon be avail- able from Inspired Technologies.

Called the VIAspire™ personal oxygen system, it involves a concentrator that feeds into a larger reservoir to produce liquid oxygen in the home. You will fill your liquid portable from the reser- voir. A unique feature of theimage062

portable units, which are available in three sizes, is SmartDose™ technology. The portable will auto- matically vary the oxygen flow rate it delivers as it senses an increase in your breathing pattern. The company claims the portable is quiet and will last up to 16 hours – giving you freedom to move about the house and away from home.

The VIAspire™ has been approved by the FDA and is scheduled to be available in March of 2008. Information may be seen at www.inspired or call the company in Penn- sylvania at 1-724-861-5510.

Dose Integrated Delivery System Arrives

3M has developed a dose by dose integrated delivery system that will be used with metered dose inhalers.image064

Ventolin HFA, an albuterol inhaler from GlaxoSmithKline, is using the new counter. (HFA is an inhaler without chlorofluorocarbons which are thought to harm the earth’s ozone layer.)

image067A similar product, the Doser from Meditrack, has been available for a number of years – it is used to count the doses left in your inhaler. A warning signal is given when there are 20 doses left in the canister. You may call 1-800-863-9633 or visit for more information.


The Eclipse, the portable oxygen concentrator with continuous flow from Sequal, has new accessories that may make life a little easier for you. The company recently introduced a desktop battery charger, an improved cart with larger wheels, an adapter to add humidification and a image069carrying bag for the back of wheelchairs and scooters.