Poetry Corner

Pul.monary Rehab

Pulmonary Rehab is the place to go when your oxygen level is getting low.

There you’ll meet others too who also have problems with their O2.

You’ll learn a lot of different ways to help yourself cope with various days.

Days when the humidity makes it hard to just go out and get in your car

Or maybe a day there’s a smog alert that makes your lungs feel like they’re going berserk!

But the best part of going to Rehab is the people you’ll meet and the fun you’ll have

For they too must struggle with each breath

They haven’t given up – they live with zest!

Come join us in our fight to breathe with exercise, humor and living with ease!

Martha Ureke, Acworth, GA


Today I must start early, I’m going out at ten. I turn up the liters and fill the reservoir again.

Because the air is dry, I started a sinus rinse I notice that my nose feels much better since.

 Time to get a fresh tank of oxygen to use Still check directions for those helpful clues.

 Sniff the inhaler to keep my airways clear. All this takes time. I’m running late, I fear.Now pack the oxygen in my walker pouch, Already feeling weary, I sink on the couch.

 I look at the clock, nine thirty and I’m stressed.

My nose and lungs are ready But I still must get dressed!

Eleanor Hoppe, Albuquerque, NM