Music Doth Soothe the Savage Beast! Really!

Three years ago, Mary Jane Gormley, a lady with COPD, and Larry Vesely, a respiratory therapist, developed a program they call “Harmonicas for Health” for their Bloomington, Indiana hospital. They have now published their program, which they presented at an international conference of the Society for the Preserva- tion and Advancement of the Harmonica. You will learn eight basic exercises to play a starter harmonica and then have a book of information and music to practice and enjoy. The book contains suggestions on where to get a harmonica. (We got ours at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant!)

To receive copies of Harmonicas for Health: A Guide to Breathing Better, you may send a check or money order for $6 made out to image424HEARTEAM and mail to: CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation, Bloomington Hospi- tal, PO Box 1149, Bloomington, IN 47402.

Sound Waves May Improve Breathing

We may also have another musical instrument meant to improve our breathing. Medical Acoustics, LLC, has filed an application with the FDA for its Therapeutic Lung Flute. It introduces low frequency sound waves into the lungs to help clear secretions. The application follows the recent successful completion of a clinical trial at the University at Buffalo and the Western New York VA Medical Center.