Jim Keeps It All Positive

Jim Ryan knows the concept of paying it forward. He is the recipient of the 2008 Bill Peterson Shining Example Award presented by his local office of the American Lung Association. Jim received the award for keeping members of his Better Breathers Support Group up to date on Medicare oxygen changes and keeping them upbeat about living with lung diseases.


Mature man and woman

Jim and Jane Ryan

Jim tells us, “For the last 15 months, I have been using a portable liquid oxygen unit designed and made by Inspired Technologies, a company located in North Huntingdon, PA. The VIAspire Personal Oxygen System consists of the VIAspire™ Portable with SmartDose technology, and the VIAspire™ Liquefier. The Liquefier converts gaseous oxygen from any concentrator equipped with an oxygen sensing device to a supply of liquid oxygen that can be used to fill the portable. The field trials with this fantastic liquid portable started in October 2007. The heart of this unit is the variable deliv- ery conserver that has a unique valving arrangement like no other. On a flow setting of 1, a 16 ml pulse dose of oxygen is delivered in the first two-thirds of the inhalation. For a setting of 2, a 32 ml dose is delivered, and so on up to a setting of 5 where 80 ml is delivered. As I start moving, the conserver senses the breathing rate increase and automatically feeds me more oxygen. It starts with an additional 16 ml of O2 and, if necessary, another 16 ml.

On a flow setting of 1, I can receive up to 48 ml of oxygen if necessary. A flow setting of 2 can give me up to 64 ml (32 ml plus 32 ml). As my breathing rate declines, the conserver begins to shut down until it reaches my original setting. This unit provides the perfect melding of adequate oxygen delivery and duration of supply. It also contains a USB card so the activity of the unit can be uploaded to a computer and analyzed. The portable unit gives me 4 to 6 hours of use, depending on my amount of activity.

Using this amazing conserver, I mow my lawn with a walk-behind self propelled mower, rake leaves, shovel snow, and get up to 3.2 mph on the treadmill. My oximeter readings stay above 90%. I have used various conservers on cylinders and other portable oxygen units including the Caire Spirit 300 and the Helios Marathon and none com- pare to this Inspired Technologies liquid conserver. The company is about to produce the same variable conserver for use on cylinders.

As part of my field trials, I have been making liquid oxygen (LOX) in my home with the Liquefier. It can make 1.8 liters of LOX in a 24- hour period. I personally feel the Liquefier may be the salvation of LOX.

For more information, visit www.inspiredtechnologiesinc.com or phone 1-724-861-5510.