Trish Barron McKean, PA

Imperfect As I Am

The true person, you are, is within you.

God varies the appearance outside.

To focus on oneself brings much sadness.

For others see, not, what “you” see reflected,

in that mirror showing only the shell – our “earthly” side.

The mirror, in life, hangs not on your wall,

But in the reflection seen through other‘s eyes.

All those flaws we all have seen, ourselves,

so prominent, in our eyes – overlooked,

                                                                or seen as, really, quite small.

They may, instead, have seen the smile, given freely,

as you entered into any unknown location.

Or a kind word, spoken, meant from the heart.

Said in truth, without hesitation.

My mother taught me a valuable lesson,

while, I, still quite very young.

What matters most to God,

is not how beautiful you are,

But how beautiful, in heart, you become.

“One” focuses on oneself.

“One” turns the focus to others.

Imperfect, as I am,

on bended knee,

God knows and sees the real,

“so loved” perfected through

“His Grace”, me.