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I was told that I had at about two years to live with my severe emphysema. I am into my seventh year, struggling, but I refuse to give in. There are many things that I can no longer accomplish, but I like to focus on what I can do and be very grateful for being able to think right!                                   LG,  North  Vancouver, Canada

image038-1 When I first  went  on  oxygen, I found out I needed a lung transplant. I am still waiting but have a new out- look on life, thanks to the pulmonary rehabilitation staff at McLaren Medical Center. I go three times a week to walk a mile on the treadmill and use the machines. I ride my Honda scooter all around town and just strap my oxygen around my waist and away I go! I thank God for my family and friends who keep me going!

Linda MacLaren, Otisville, MI

 I am a COPD patient. I never smoked. Every time I meet a new nurse or doctor, most assume I smoke or did smoke. What a downer! No one deserves to get COPD – smoker or non-smoker. I am thankful for a supportive family and doctors and nurses who help me. Jesus and my church support me through the hard days.

CA, Bedford, IN

 I can manage being one-on-one with people but with more than one, I feel like I am competing for oxygen, trying to talk. It really bothers me not to be able to converse, discuss or talk on the phone. I feel like a moron, which greatly increases my emotional stress and isolates me. The whole oxygen scene makes me feel undervalued. I’m glad and grateful to be alive though!

AR, Santa Maria, CA

When I first got on oxygen, I lit up a cigarette and burnt my face up and almost my house. I quit the next day. I thank God for this, life is much better. Smile and laugh, it’s good for you!

DH, Sea Hunt, CA