Editor’s Note

CelesteThe definition of exploration is the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. This could mean reading about a subject you are interested in, attending a class or touring a region to see, touch and feel things with your own senses. A professor once advised me to never stop learning. Exploring treatment oxygen equipment options is one way to continue your learning. Congratulations on being proactive and involved in your own care.

People often write to inquire about support groups in their area as they feel isolated trying to cope with lung disease. Start by asking your physician’s office if they know of pulmonary rehabilitation classes or Better Breather support groups in your area. If not, check with the local hospital’s Respiratory Therapy Department. The American Lung Association, www.lungusa.org, has local listings and if you want to start a group of your own, they have a facilitator’s guide to get you started. You may call their national office at 1-800-548-8252.

Explore your options to find support at www.emphsema.net and also with the COPD360 social group at the COPDFoundation.org site, which also provides start up information. Their general information number is 1-866- 731-2673.

Recently visiting Cuba with the Sea Puffers was an incredible exploration of a world we knew nothing about and it was more fun to do it together! What happens on a Sea Puffer trip stays on a Sea Puffer trip, but I can tell you, we all came back with a better understanding of the world around us!

classic car showwoman standing in front of sign "what starts here can change everything"Celeste and friends in a classic car