Editor’s Note

Celeste and RyanWe are very proud to bring you our annual Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) comparison chart with Ryan’s words of wisdom on choosing the best oxygen equipment that will meet your needs. It is not an easy task to decipher the facts when every manufacturer claims to have the right one for you. Unfortunately, the right one is not always the smallest, lightest one available. We have met people who would rather have their oxygen saturations in the low 80s and even 70s when they walk, rather than use a larger POC.

Read and re-read Ryan’s explanations of how the different concentrators work. Some will give you the same amount of oxygen no matter how many times a minute you breathe while others produce just so much per minute. When your respiratory rate increases, you are actually getting less oxygen per breath. Compare the amount of oxygen produced by each machine at each setting

  • you will find a setting of 2 on one POC does not give the same amount of oxygen as a setting of 2 on

Please get involved and get the facts!

It is very important to keep up on all the latest developments in medication and technology that could help you live more easily with chronic lung disease.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. ”

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