Editor’s Note

image019-2Taking a break from the everyday routine of coping with lung disease proved to be a fun time on a recent Sea Puffer’s trip to the Caribbean. After touring Bonaire and seeing the salt flats, we had a White Party to celebrate finding the lost shaker of salt (aka, Phil Cassler of Wisconsin). There were smiles and laughs all around and for a moment in time, it was nice to take a break from breathing problems and enjoy old and new friends.

If you are feeling stressed, try designating one day a week to take a break and do something you enjoy. It could be going to the movies, having lunch at a restaurant you have never been to before or going to a local sporting event. Having regrets about things you have or have not done can only make you feel bad – instead replace these feelings with anticipation of what you will do in the days ahead. Every time you catch yourself getting caught up in how you should be or things should be, tell yourself, “It is what it is.” You will be in a much better place and allow yourself a break.

I hope you have a spring break that you will remember for a long time!

image041-5Take That Break!

You can take a much-deserved mini- vacation in many different ways. Try these suggestions to give yourself a treat!

  • Allow yourself a day to simply enjoy being yourself. Put away your task list and en- joy your favorite music, book or
  • Remove yourself from negative people. Even it means those you love – you can always re-engage If you are angry or resent someone, write them a letter to unburden yourself – even if you don’t ever send it. Try not to complain about anything or even think negative thoughts.
  • It’s hard to be negative when you are laughing or smiling, so find something that makes it happen – like thinking about a happy
  • Try a session of yoga and maybe medi- tation. When you are done, enjoy a cup of
  • Watch your favorite movie – or two!