Editor’s Note

Even though it is the season – don’t be fooled! Oxygen users have been trying to understand the confusing language of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) since they came on the market. It doesn’t help that the machines all deliver different amounts of oxygen when set at the same setting.

We were pretty upset when a Pulmonary Paper member called to tell us she called a manufacturer directly and asked if their POC did continuous flow (which it does not). As people who use oxygen know, the flow of oxygen can be delivered as continuous or pulse dose (delivered only on inspiration). The answer she received from the company’s representative was, “Yes, Sometimes you just gotta have fun! You can use it continuously,” which does not answer the question at all but sure sounds like it does. We will have our annual Portable Oxygen Concentator Comparison Chart in our next issue to give you the answers and help avoid situations like this. Learning all you can about your treatment options is going to put you in control!

After you get done doing your homework, take some time to have fun! can imagine by looking at the pictures here, there were a lot of laughs Researchers have found laughing lowers your blood pressure,

stress hormone levels, exercises your abdominal muscles, improves health by increasing your heart rate, improves your immune to fight off illness by activating T-cells, and triggers the release endorphins which can ease pain and can increase your overall sense of How can you not look for things to laugh about?! Happy Spring! Enjoy the extra hour of daylight! women wearing bikini costumescouple wearing Kool Aid shirtsman wearing elf costumetwo ladies wearing flamingo hat and headband