Editor’s Note

image029-3Hopefully when you read this, the very long, very cold winter weather will be over and Spring will be around the corner. Time to have fun! It’s okay to be silly, sometimes even more than every now and then! On a recent Sea Puffers trip, people who normally go about their daily business coping with lung disease, got to let loose a little and some were amazed at themselves! Others were so used to it, everyone on the entire ship knew their name by the time we left. Step out of your comfort zone. Have fun by taking up a new hobby or activity and surround yourself with those who have a positive attitude and energy. Laugh a lot this Spring!

For over 25 years, we have been looking for ways to make your life with lung disease a little easier. With many new technologies available, we are working on determining your needs to develop specific tools that will support and motivate you to achieve your optimum state of health. I would truly appreciate your time and effort to complete the survey we have enclosed (also available online at www.pulmonarypaper.org). Everyone who responds by June 1, 2014, will be eligible to win an Apple iPad Air and a Nonin Onyx Vantage pulse oximeter! Now that’s fun!image033