Editor’s Note


“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau

Martha from Virginia recently wrote saying, “I know I should exercise and have made it my number one resolution.” We hope you achieve your goal, Martha!

The three things on our goal list are to educate, empower and encourage you to continue to enjoy life despite obstacles that you may have to overcome.

Bob McCoy RRT of Valley Inspired Oxygen in Apple Valley, MN, put things into perspective recently when he talked about people’s reluctance to wear oxygen at an American Association of Respira­ tory Care meeting. When a person who needs glasses puts them on, he is no different than a person who has 20­20 vision naturally. Glasses level the playing field and put everyone on the same footing.

Time equals tissue – the sooner you give your body the oxygen supply it needs, the less tissue damage there will be. Why do health professionals and insurance companies wait until the point where your oxygen is very low to say, “Okay, now we are going to prescribe oxygen for you”? What if that happened with your vision? You would have to wait until you are walking into walls before they would say, “Okay, let’s order some glasses for you”.

Being educated about your respiratory condition and treatment plan options empowers you. You are the one in control of your team. It is up to you to be a good leader in 2015 and beyond!

Leaders also are known to have a softer side. Remember the romance. There is always time for romance – no matter how small the ges­ ture. The impact of letting someone know you care can be huge. Our cover couple Joy and Fran Lynch from Edmonds, WA, live the romance every day!

image019Hard work pays off! My son, Ben, recently earned his MBA from the University of Tennessee and his family couldn’t be prouder!