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The recent COPD8 USA Conference, held in Chicago this past June, was a unique gathering of people with COPD, physicians, therapists and nurses from around the world. It was noted that COPD is no longer regarded as a progressive disease but a treatable and modifiable disease. Avoiding infections that cause decline in lung function is a main goal of treatment. COPD is the third leading cause of death in America. One in five hospitalized patients over 40 is diagnosed with COPD.

Karen D., an oxygen user from Florida, commented after the AIDS community banded together and successfully raised awareness for research funding, AIDS is no longer the certain death sentence that it once was. The Alzheimer’s community did the same and presented 110,000 petition signatures for delivery to Congress calling for passage of the National Alzheimer’s Project Act – it was passed only four months later!

The COPD Foundation’s Action Alerts are only generating approximately 500 responses, and many times the same individual will respond more than once. It may end up being only 150 or so unique individuals sending emails on the issues that affect us. Get involved and reach out to your family and friends to do the same! Visit and click on Take Action.

How can physicians and patients have important conversations necessary to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time? Choosing Wisely® aims to answer that question. Visit

Physicians, therapists and nurses are asked to remember to treat the person and not the disease.  It is hoped that COPD will be different from now  on – patients, clinicians and the government should all be working together. The Center for Disease Control or State Health Departments are not allowed to lobby in Washington for what they think is right – but  you can!

Nearly 70% of the 24 million Americans with COPD are under age 65. Those who are employed, miss one day a week on average. An employer toolkit is available through the COPD Foundation.

If we reduce the risks that lead to COPD, we will reduce the cost of COPD – a diagnosis which triples the cost of your medical care. It used to be that tobacco was the number one industry in North Carolina – now it is health care.

Medicare Beneficiary Complaint Hotline 1-800-404-8702Are you experiencing difficulty receiving quality medical equipment and/ or services from your provider of choice?

A beneficiary complaint hotline will be staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a People for Quality Care live operator who will take your name, location and a brief summary of the issue. With your permission, the complaints will be forwarded to a local Medicare ombudsman for resolution and added to a list of complaints which will be presented to Congressional members.

“We’re receiving multiple calls on a daily basis from beneficiaries who are unhappy with the lack of service and quality equipment they receive resulting from the Medicare’s bidding policy, and yet Medicare reports to have received only 100 to 200 complaints since the beginning of their program in 2011. The number to call is 800­404­8702. The COPD Information Line at 1­866­316­COPD had over 5,000 calls a month.

Phil Avery, of PA, presents his “Everyday Edisons” baking sheetDo You Have a Good Idea?

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Right: Inventor Phil Avery, of PA, presents the “Everyday Edisons” judges with his baking pan prototype a baking pan that folds for easy storing.

Credit: Photo ©2010 Edison Nation Holdings, LLC Patent Pending