1. Who is considered to be the first stand- up comedian?
    1. Frank Fay
    2. Milton Berle
    3. Will Rogers
    4. Jack Benny


  1. NBC’s Saturday Night Live gave us all of these catchphrases except for which?
    1. “Buh-bye!”
    2. “It’s always something. ”
    3. “More cowell. ”
    4. “Can we talk?”


  1. Which of these films is the highest- grossing comedy of all time at the U.S. box office?

                 1. Tootsie

                 2. Ghostbusters

                 3.  Bridesmaids

                 4. The Apartment


  1. Which TV comedy was the first to show a professional, independent, single woman on her own?
    1. Living Single
    2. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    3. That Girl
    4. Murphy Brown


      5.In what year did HBO air its first comedy special?

1. 1977

2. 1975

3. 1991

4. 1986


  1. What comedian was accused of being a communist and called to testify before the U.S. Congress?
    1. Lucille Ball
    2. Lenny Bruce
    3. Johnny Carson
    4. Jonathan Winters


  1. Who is credited with being the world’s first female stand-up comedian?
    1. Jean Carroll
    2. Phyllis Diller
    3. Moms Mabley
    4. Judy Garland


  1. Which of these TV shows had more than 80 million viewers tune in for its final episode?
    1. The Cosby Show
    2. Friends
    3. Cheers


  1. Dubbed by Orson Welles as “The Great One,” this comedian’s career skyrock- eted during the 1950s with one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. His two most noted movie roles were as a famous pool shark and a vulgar sheriff. Who was this legendary comic?
    1. Jack Benny
    2. Jackie Gleason
    3. Sid Caesar
    4. Milton Berle


  1. Gladys Ormphby was a regular on the television show Laugh In from the 1960s and 70s. She was a bit dowdy, always appearing with hairnet in place and with a low tolerance for overly friendly males. Whose creation was she?

1. Lucille Ball

2. Jane Curtin

3. Ruth Buzzi

4. Goldie Hawn


Answers will appear in our next issue.