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It has been over a year since I was diagnosed with COPD. I always wonder how I ended up with it as I never smoked. I did do a lot of cooking in seminaries and large communities for 40 years.

cartoon of man blowing noseI have developed an ingenious way of keeping my sinuses moist. I saved a plastic spray bottle of saline solution. After cleaning it out, I filled it with boiled tap water to spray up my nostrils, anytime, they feel dry. I use the spray especially in winter when the house is dry. [Note: Recipe for saline solution: Pour 2 cups boiled tap water into a glass jar along with 1 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon baking soda. Mix thoroughly.]

Brother Gerald Hickey Highland Heights, OH

When I fill up my Helios too much and it freezes up, I simply put it in the sink and run hot water. Everything will be thaw out and you’ll be ready to go in about 30 seconds.image059-2

Ann Tavares Swansea, MA

For many years, I have feared the tubing from my concentrator to my chair and bed. Three people I know have fallen as a result of getting tangled in the tubing.

image063-3image063-3The inexpensive Bayco Kord Manager has tamed my tubing and prevented in from pooling on the floor with kinks and twists. It can be found at hardware stores and on the Internet. The company also makes a retractable reel.

Billie Humphreys Sparks, NV

If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, they can understandably feel overwhelmed. image065-4The National Lung Cancer Partnership offers a free booklet to answer initial questions often asked, called Living With a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer. To download the booklet and see other lung cancer resources, visit on the Internet or call 1-608.233.7905.

image067-3Stretch your dollar tip – I have been using Breathe Rite Strips for about three years. I can cut the strips in half and they still work just as good!

I have COPD and am mucus bound. I could fill a bath tub! It is a killer at night. I cough and breathe like it is my last. I sit up for ten minutes and then go back to bed. I would like store personnel and image069-3sheriffs to do more spot checks of the disability parking spots. I see many people who are not disabled parking in them. I carry a letter from my doctor with me.

John Burdick Corinth, NY