What is AerobiKA PEP Therapy?

AerobiKA Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (Oscillating PEP) devices are small and portable, and are designed to help mobilize and clear mucus from the airways. When the patient exhales through the device, a one-way valve creates intermittent resistance. The resistance holds the airways open while gentle vibrations help shake the mucus loose. The vibration (or oscillation) helps to thin, dislodge and move mucus to the central or upper airways where it can be coughed out.

Effective Performance

  • Aids in lung hygiene and helps prevent infections
  • Improves gas transfer and lowers air trapping2

A recent study of COPD patients showed use of the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP Therapy System for just 4 weeks created noticeable improvement in patients.

  • Reduced Dyspnea
  • Increased gas distribution to previously unventilated areas
  • Reduced Hyperinflation (gas trapping)